Links: Multilingual Disaster Support Information / Support for Information Challenged People
網站彙整: 多語種災害救援資訊/為信息弱勢群体的災害救援服務

关于此页 About This Page

  • 此网页是为了提供防灾救灾相关信息(尤其是支援外国人和残疾人士等所谓“信息弱者”的相关信息)而制作的。
    This page was made for getting information to support foreigners and information challenged people at the time of disaster.
  • 管理者:日本中国语学会网路资源委员会
    Site manager: Web Resource Committee, The Chinese Linguistic Society of Japan.
  • Last update: September 06 2018.

防灾救灾相关信息 Information for Disaster Prevention and Relief

日常生活相关信息 Information for Daily Life in Japan

多语种新闻媒体 Multilingual News Media

民族媒体 Ethnic Media

翻译服务等 Translation Services etc.

其他 Others

  • Safety tips!safety-tips-en/c17b4
    A smartphone application to provide various functions useful for both foreign tourists and foreign residents in Japan.(Supported languages: Japanese, English, simplified and traditional Chinese, and Korean)

多言語による支援のための情報(Information for Multi-Language Support)

情報弱者のかたへの情報提供(Support for Information Challenged People)



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